QuartaRiata Residence
QuartaRiata Artist-in-Residence (Q-AiR)
Art residency with focus on new technological forms of art
based in Peterhof (Saint-Petersburg, RU)

Q-AiR is an international mobility program for artists and art professionals
created by QuartaRiata Residency of Arts and Technology
with the aim to support creative community and contribute to the development of media arts in Russia.

The program offers to Russian and international artists the opportunity to produce and exhibit their artworks at QuartaRiata Residency by providing them with living and working space, exhibition areas, equipment and managerial support.

The works of art created within Q-AiR are exhibited at QuartaRiata Residency, as well as at various festivals and artistic venues (Mutek, Science fest, GAMMA, Cyfest, etc.) in Russia and abroad.
Guest Residents
Permanent Residents
Creative Incubator
Guest Residents
QuartaRiata Residency invites artists, curators, producers and researches from different countries to work on a specific project for a period up to 3 months. Have a glance on what our guest residents have realized during their residency periods, or apply to become a participant.
Permanent Residents
Our permanent residents are artists (mostly from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow) with whom we collaborate on a long-term basis. The permanent residents regularly participate in our events and organize their own ones. Their works of art are often produced at QuartaRiata. Contact us if you want to order an installation of an artist of your choice, or if you want one of our artists to become a participant of your event.
Full Immersion Laboratories
Full Immersion Laboratories consist in collective work of a group of creative specialists on a common project (a festival, an educational course, an exhibition or other) for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. During this time of intensive work, the participants are being "incubated" in the limited residency space. Follow the link to see the archive of projects, or submit your own idea.

Guest Residents
Permanent Residents
Creative Incubator
Residency of Art and Technology QuartaRiata
Zolotaya 2-4, Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg
Tel.: +7 (931) 288-13-42
info@qresidence.art - for general inquiries
art@qresidence.art - for inquiries related to Q-AiR program
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